Nourishing Bodies and Minds

At MELA, we understand that good nutrition is the foundation for healthy growth and development. We take pride in serving full, nutritious meals that are not only enjoyed by children but also cater to their evolving dietary needs. Second helpings are always at hand for those who wish to have more.

Our meals program is designed with a holistic approach, allowing children to cultivate healthy eating habits while comprehending the critical relationship between food, health, and growth. We offer breakfast, lunch, and three nutritious snacks throughout the day for our full-time students over 18 months of age who have graduated to solid table food. Our part-time attendees are catered to with a hearty breakfast, lunch, and two wholesome snacks.

In our commitment to provide high-quality food, we serve all-organic milk, fresh or frozen organic fruits and vegetables, all-natural or organic meats, nutrient-rich Greek yogurt, whole grain or wheat bread, and organic pasta. At MELA, we firmly believe that food should never be a tool for behavioral reinforcement; therefore, we abstain from offering food, candy, or treats as rewards for good behavior or for eating everything on a plate.

We encourage an exploratory approach to dining, inviting children to sample new foods but never coercing them to taste or eat something. It's all part of our mission to help children learn to love a variety of foods while developing a healthy relationship with food that will serve them throughout their lives. This is part of the MELA commitment - nourishing bodies and minds for a healthy, bright future.

*Sample Menu

  Breakfast Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack
Monday Organic Fruit Cereal Bar & Craisins Organic Animal Crackers & Raisins Cheese & Organic Spinach Quesadilla Graham Crackers & Banana
Tuesday Waffle w/ Organic Syrup & Banana Goldfish & Apple Slices Fish Sticks w/ Organic Steamed Green Beans White Cheddar Puffs & Raisins
Wednesday Cheese Toast & Strawberries Pretzel Sticks w/ Soy Butter Turkey Meatballs w/ Pasta Cinnamon Rice Chex & Banana
Thursday Organic Yogurt & Berry Parfait Pita w/ Hummus Dip Veggie Patty on Potato Bun & Organic Veggie w/ Organic Ranch Goldfish & Orange Slices
Friday Chicken Sausage w/ Hashbrown Organic Animal Crackers & Craisins Asian Style Organic Rice w/ Organic Mixed Veggies Wheat Thins & Cheese Stick