1st grade - 5th grade

Shaping Future Leaders

At MELA, we're devoted to shaping future leaders. Our nurturing environment encourages children to harness their innate creativity, problem-solving skills, and interest in various subjects like art, science, and math. We also emphasize the development of reasoning skills and language acquisition.

In line with the Reggio Emilia Approach, we believe in exposing children to an array of real-world experiences, sights, and sounds to enrich their learning journey. Our classrooms are intentionally designed to spark curiosity and interest in various learning areas, offering a safe space where children can explore and grow at their own pace.

We emphasize readiness for each progressive level of education, integrating state learning standards into our educational experiences. This approach aligns with the academic guidelines of Texas, ensuring our curriculum is comprehensive and relevant.

We firmly believe in harnessing children's natural curiosity as a powerful learning tool. As such, we nurture this curiosity, fostering a lifelong love of learning that will serve them well beyond their school years. Welcome to the MELA community, where we guide young minds to become confident, creative, and compassionate future leaders.

Areas of Learning

Promoting Social and Emotional Growth

At MELA, we prioritize the social and emotional growth of our children. We nurture these skills to help them understand their individual capabilities, effectively participate in group settings, assert healthy independence, and respect others' boundaries. Essentially, we're dedicated to equipping children with vital life skills that benefit them in all aspects of their lives.

Cultivating Language and Communication Skills

We recognize the importance of child-initiated conversations in boosting their reading and writing skills. Hence, we provide ample opportunities for verbal exploration throughout the day. Simply put, we encourage our students to communicate freely, enhancing their language skills in the process.

Fostering a Love for Reading and Storytelling

Phonological awareness, understanding the sounds in language, is crucial for reading success. Our curriculum aligns with research on the progression of acquiring this awareness. Simply put, we focus on sounds in language to pave the way for successful reading.

Enhancing Fine Motor Skills and Writing

At MELA, we understand that children initially express themselves through drawing, a precursor to writing. As they grow, they mimic adult writing - a phase known as 'pretend writing.' We support children throughout this journey, fostering their transition from drawing to writing.

Making Mathematics Fun and Engaging

We recognize that children naturally understand quantities before any formal instruction. Hence, we seamlessly incorporate math learning into their daily activities, making it a natural and fun part of their routine.

Creating a Fascination for Science and Sensory Learning

Children are naturally curious, eager to classify, compare, and question the world around them. We provide ample opportunities for hands-on exploration, making science an exciting adventure.

Understanding Social Studies

We use social studies as a tool to help children understand their world and their place within it. Starting from their immediate family and gradually expanding to the world, we foster self-understanding as the basis for learning about others and the world.

Celebrating Fine Arts

Our students explore different materials and learn about colors, shapes, textures, and sounds through art and music. These activities enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while making learning fun.

Inspiring Dramatic Expression

We encourage spontaneous creative drama, improving their communication skills and cooperative play. We see dramatic expression as an integral part of learning at MELA.

Boosting Physical Development

Physical activities keep children healthy and enhance cognition, social skills, and self-esteem. We promote active play, fostering the development of gross motor, fine motor, and sensory skills.

Exciting Enrichment Classes

Our daily enrichment classes are designed for children of all ages, from toddlers to fifth graders. These classes aim to develop the "whole child," promoting a love for music, improving hand-eye coordination, introducing them to fine arts, and enhancing their language skills. We aim to make learning enjoyable and varied, ensuring every child gets a well-rounded experience. Our diverse classes include Yoga, Spanish/Mandarin/Sign Language, Zumbini, Music Together, Arts Alive, and Calvin Murphy’s Athletics.

Embracing the Hundred Languages of Children

Aligned with the Reggio Emilia approach, we believe children express themselves in "one hundred languages." The areas we've highlighted are just a few of the ways our students learn, but in reality, learning happens in countless ways each day. At MELA, we value and nurture the diverse ways children express their curiosity and creativity, providing an environment where each child's unique language of learning is recognized and fostered.