3 Months - 11 Months

Nurturing Growth and Development

At MELA, our Infant Program is a haven of warmth and care, thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of babies. We prioritize fostering independence from a young age within a cozy and secure environment.

Our spacious and inviting classroom is designed to promote mobility and exploration. With plenty of floor space, our youngest learners have the freedom to explore and interact with their environment at their own pace.

We respect the individuality of each child and their natural rhythms. Rather than imposing a rigid schedule, we follow each infant's personal sleeping and waking cycle to maintain a sense of comfort and security.

Recognizing that each child has unique hunger patterns, we schedule meals and feedings according to individual needs, ensuring your child is well-nourished and satisfied. In our Infant Program, your baby's growth and development are nurtured with the utmost care and attention, offering a strong foundation for their future learning journey.