At MELA, we believe in the power of immersive and experiential learning, and our variety of camps exemplify just that. Designed to extend learning beyond the school year, our camps provide an engaging platform for children to explore new interests, cultivate existing ones, and build valuable friendships. Watch our events calendar for upcoming events.
Engaging Themes
Each camp revolves around a unique theme, sparking curiosity and fostering a love of discovery. Whether it's science, art, drama, sports, or nature exploration, our camp themes cater to diverse interests. Children can delve into subjects they love and uncover new areas of interest.
Hands-On Learning
Learning at our camps is hands-on and interactive. Our experienced instructors guide children through activities, experiments, and projects, encouraging active participation and collaborative problem-solving. Each camp day promises fun-filled, educational experiences that leave lasting impressions and foster critical life skills.
Inclusive Environment
Our camps are designed for children of various ages, with activities tailored to suit different developmental stages. We promote an inclusive environment that respects individual differences, encourages self-expression, and values every child's contribution.
Safe and Nurturing
Safety and well-being are our top priorities. Our camps are conducted in a safe, nurturing environment where children feel comfortable exploring, learning, and growing. Our staff is trained to ensure every child has a positive and enriching camp experience.
Lasting Memories
Beyond skills and knowledge, our camps are about creating unforgettable memories. From exciting games and collaborative projects to the joy of learning something new, children carry these precious experiences with them long after the camp ends.
Join us for a MELA camp, and let your child embark on an adventure of discovery, friendship, and fun!

MELA Culinary Camp

Unleash your child's inner chef with MELA's Culinary Camp, offering two distinct series designed for different age groups: the Kids Series (ages 7-11) and the Teens Series (ages 12-17). Please note children must be at least 7 years old to participate in our culinary classes. Available every Saturday 10-12. $99/class. Supplies are included.

Learn from the Best

Our chef instructors offer a wealth of culinary expertise and teaching experience in both series. They ensure that every young chef receives individual attention and learns at a comfortable pace.

Tastes & Recipes

Across both series, young chefs will discover the joy of cooking through hands-on experience and exciting menu exploration. From preparing their favorite dishes to creating new twists on classic desserts, our Culinary Camp fosters a love for the culinary arts that will last a lifetime.

Join us at MELA's Culinary Camp for a unique, hands-on cooking adventure that your young chef will remember forever!

Cooking class will take place every Saturday 10am - 12pm $99 per class all supplies included.

Group of happy children laughing during cooking lesson with cook in the kitchen

Kids Series (Ages 7-11)

In our Kids Series, young chefs will get hands-on experience in small, interactive classes where they'll learn to mix, prep, and cook various exciting recipes. Guided by professional chef instructors, they'll explore kid-friendly menus based on unique themes such as cooking techniques, baking skills, or the fundamentals of running a restaurant. They'll whip up delightful dishes like ravioli, mac and cheese, cornflake-crusted chicken, and even create delicious desserts like cupcakes and chocolate soufflé.
Female chef and students cooking in cooking class

Teens Series (Ages 12-17)

Our Teens Series offers older chefs a deeper dive into the culinary world. In addition to learning advanced cooking techniques, they'll explore more complex menus and dishes. The series also highlights themes such as global cuisine, pastry arts, and the science of cooking. Instructors, who are seasoned chefs and experienced teachers, guide the teens through each recipe and technique, ensuring a thorough understanding and a great time.
Calvin Murphy’s Planet Hoops: Itty Bitty Basketball Camp

Itty Bitty Basketball

We are delighted to host Calvin Murphy’s Planet Hoops at MELA Montessori. This instructional basketball program, tailored for children aged 3-6 years, is a unique blend of fun, fitness, and learning.

Fostering a non-competitive environment, our program emphasizes the joy of the game while teaching the fundamental skills of basketball. Each session is a mix of drills, mini-games, and learning about the rich history of basketball, providing a well-rounded experience for our young athletes.
Build Confidence and Self-esteem
With every successful dribble or shot, children feel a sense of achievement, boosting their self-confidence.
Character Development
We instill values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and persistence, which contribute to the child's overall character development.
Improve Focus & Coordination
The nature of basketball drills helps improve the child's motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and focus.
Benefits their Health
Regular physical activity is key to maintaining good health and fitness levels.
Listening Skills
Coached sessions require children to listen to instructions carefully, thereby enhancing their listening skills.
Developing Social Skills
Basketball is a team sport and provides ample opportunities for children to interact, communicate, and work together, thus fostering their social skills.
Let's inspire your child's love for basketball and make learning this sport an exciting adventure!