Our Learning Environment at MELA

At MELA, we deeply understand our learning environment's role in our students' education, acting as the "third teacher," following parents and our dedicated staff. Our spaces are thoughtfully designed to stimulate curiosity, encourage learning, and ensure the child's success. Our classrooms exude warmth and homeliness, where teachers nurture students' interests rather than imposing strict control during self-directed learning times.

Appealing Aesthetics

Our classrooms are enriched with natural and intriguing real-world materials. Sticks, leaves, wool, fabric, wooden play items, and play silks are commonplace across all age groups. We carefully select learning items stimulating open-ended play, sparking imagination and intellectual curiosity. We pride ourselves on providing beautifully crafted play materials for our students.

We incorporate "loose part" play — using everyday items collected over time, often recycled from our surroundings. These can range from bottle tops used for counting or sorting activities to imaginative play items. We exclude electronic or battery-operated toys from our classrooms, promoting imaginative and natural play instead.