Founder Martina Murphy

For the past two decades, Martina Murphy has been a beacon in the realm of child welfare in the greater Houston area. Her journey began in her family's nonprofit organization, the Texas Youth Academy, founded by the legendary Houston Rockets Basketball Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy. It was in this nurturing environment that Martina discovered her passion for assisting parents in raising well-rounded children.

Throughout her career, Martina has assumed various roles in the childcare industry. She served as the Director of Children's Elementary Ministry at The Woodlands United Methodist Church and First United Methodist Church-Rosenberg. Later, she took the helm of an underdeveloped Sugarland Montessori program as the Head of School, transforming it into a thriving establishment within three years amidst a pandemic, even expanding to include a separate elementary campus.

Martina's approach to success is straightforward yet profound: honesty and patience with parents, love and care for children as if they were her own, creating an enriching environment for staff, and inspiring children to think outside the box, encouraging them to become lifelong learners.

Her commitment to working with children extends beyond her professional life. Martina is a proud wife and mother of three sons. Drawing from her extensive background in child development, teaching, and education, she understands the paramount importance of the early years in a child's life. This understanding has fueled her desire to develop an educational program that promotes independent, inquiry-based learning, integrated with Spanish immersion, Performing Arts, and Athletics.

Martina's lifelong dedication to enhancing the quality of early childhood education and shaping future leaders underscores her unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation.